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Recommendations from Victor's Clients
"Victor attended our business board meeting offering ideas and specific solutions for many of our LCI affiliates. He also spoke at our Bi-Annual convention to a full room of eager attendees learning more about "How to Succeed in Business." I would highly recommend Victor to triage any business in need ofinsight and many years of successful business management."
Barry Gershenson, Leading Cleaners Internationale, USA
"Victor Green is a true professional! He has advised & mentored me in my business and all of his consultations were invaluable to its success. His experience in the business world makes his advice always spot on. I am so fortunate to have a mentor like Victor and I recommend him for any of your consultation needs."
Cheryl Calo, Beauty Business, Los Angeles, California
"I signed up for the one-on-one consultancy with Mr. Green and I got the real deal. He is witty, compassionate, focused and possesses true business savvy. Sessions are challenging as he digs deep into our business, fleshing out opportunities for growth and tactics to eliminating obstacles and mistakes. I only wish I would have met Mr. Green earlier."
Elizabeth Cronin-Kim, Martial Arts, California
"Victor Green is a true entrepreneur that has "walked the walk," and not just "talked the talk." I sought his advice as a mentor and a successful entrepreneur. I was encouraged and inspired by him to push through some of my own doubts and fears of starting a business. He really knows how to explain concepts and ideas in plain ENGLISH (probably because he's from England). No fancy business terms or pretentious "MBA talk." Just clear, easy to understand advice and simple to follow instructions. He understands that people just want to know how to succeed in their particular businesses. They don't want to be experts in business theory or terminology. And his sense of humor makes learning about business a fun and pleasurable experience."
Victor Taroc, IT, California
"Victor Green is a master negotiator and closer. He instinctively knows when to keep pushing for more and more importantly when to finalize any given deal. His vast and long term business experience is a major asset for any business be it a sole propriety or a multinational corporation.   He is an excellent mentor. Always reachable and very responsive."
Ant Glynn California & Taiwan
"Victor Green has enabled me to sleep at night! I called him in as I was at a crossroad with my business. His invaluable advice put all my business problems in perspective. He created a new direction and the business now runs smoothly."
P Bradley, Ladies Apparel, London , UK
"I met Victor Green and I really enjoyed what he had to say about his past experiences as an entrepreneur. There was a lot of good advice and I was able to take away a lot of valuable information. Mr. Green helped me early on in understanding pricing structures and the criteria for pricing and marketing new products. I also learned that there is more than one way to negotiate a business deal."
Danny Nguyen, creative designer, California.
"Victor Green is a phenomenal consultant. I choose my words carefully and phenomenal describes Mr. Green. I have, over the last 17 years, met and have been advised by many business consultants but Victor is far and above, the very best. So what sets Victor apart? He is a reality-based, serial entrepreneur who has garnered his business experience by running many different types of businesses. His experience is broad and he has faced almost every type of problem any business owner may encounter. His expertise with many different businesses in many different environments is quite different from a consultant who may have many years of experience, but experience in only one type of business. Victor listens intently and, because of his experience, is able to quickly identify and understand your business challenges. He has helped me clarify issues and always provided options with a plan of action. He has helped me through both big and little issues that somehow 'stump' every business owner. Any new or seasoned business owner will gain a trusted advisor in Victor and will be fortunate to be able to work with him."
Yuki Fukumoto, Educational Supplies, California

My Specialty is Helping Clients Make Money
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