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Victor has consulted successfully to a wide variety of businesses for many years.  Here are some examples of the help he has provided:
A manufacturer making stage lighting was having a bad time due to cutbacks in the entertainment industry.  I suggested to my client a trade-in idea - offer customers a "new-for-old" trade for their existing lighting.  The trade-in goods went to their factory to be refurbished and then resold to other customers, mainly overseas.
A recycling business collecting redundant fax machines and computers was experiencing delays in getting enough products to fill a shipping container.  I recommended that it would be better to break down the products instead to see exactly what was in them as there were many electronic components and some would have valuable metals.  This idea paid off and the company increased its profit significantly.
A haulage company had a substantial turnover yet had a small net profit.  I devised strategies for substantially cutting their overhead while at the same time increasing sales, thereby increasing net profits by $300,000.
A business with sales of $2 million was not making a profit.  After reviewing and analyzing their business, I recommended a cutback in staff.  In addition, I took the unusual step of suggesting a substantial reduction in sales.  The reason?  Too many of their customers were not profitable accounts for them. The result?  A 37% reduction in sales and a 300% increase in profits.
A manufacturer of an energy drink had increasing sales but with little profit.  I designed and implemented a financial management program in order to manage costs. This helped identify areas of cost that could be reduced and increase profit.
An International manufacturer of musical instruments was seeking a distributor in the USA. I negotiated the entire agreement between my client company and a distributor, including the terms and payment.
A ladies fashion business needed to update their current business model.  I created profit centers, restructured the staff and planned a new direction for the business in order to provide them wider coverage and greater profit potential.
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